Sunday, 4 February 2018

Vapnartak 2018

February traditionally sees the first 'show trip' of the wargaming year to York for Vapnartak.  This year Steve and I were not involved in putting on a game for the Lance & Longbow, just doing a voluntary stint on the society stand.  We arrived at the venue just before 10 to find a sizable queue, but once the appointed hour arrived this shuffled pretty quickly into the building. 

The ground floor was its usual bustling throng, so I headed up to the second mezzanine where the smaller, participation games were on show.   The first to catch my eye was Actium by East Leeds Militaria Society Wargames Club. 

The splendid triremes are from DarkOps and the figures from Gripping Beast and Foundry.

There was also this game from, I think, the Harrogate Club? .

There was a demonstration of Arcworld game system from Warplaque

The terrain was very well done.

An adjacent game used the Sharpe Practice rules for a Renaissance scenario

On the ground floor were the larger games.  Two were more static displays than games, a fictional scenario for the 3rd battle of Preston, 1745.

and a fantasy game

The best game was the one from South London Warlords, set in the Sudan.

The show had the usual good range of traders, with plenty of tempting products on offer, just as well I had prepared a list, otherwise a bit too much cash may have left my wallet!  All in all an excellent day out.    Congratulations to the York Club for their organisation of the event.


  1. Yep, a good day out. I saw your table behind Dave Lanchesters set-up, but hadn’t made the connection between the society table and your good self - will look out for you at future shows.

  2. Wonderful pics - thank you for sharing them.

  3. Thanks for the kind words about our Sudan game.

  4. Brilliant pictures! It would appear that the first show of the season was a rousing success.