Wednesday, 23 May 2018


Steve and I had planned to attend the Partizan show well in advance, but up to last weekend family commitments have been to the forefront in May, even time to compose posts for the blog just seemed to evaporate.  However, luckily things eased just at the right time and we enjoyed a brilliant weekend.  The games were of a very high standard and variety and the range of traders gave those attending plenty of opportunity to spend their money.  I took lots of photos, but nowhere near as many as Henry Hyde  who did a really thorough job of documenting the games.  I hope my selection below give a flavour of what was on offer.

As regular readers of the blog will know, our main interests are in the 'Horse and Musket/arquebus' period, but here are a few 'out of period' games which deserve coverage.

First Crete 1941, The battle for Tavronitis Bridge and Meleme Airfield by James Morris and Lenton Gamers

A "Back of Beyond" game set on the North West Frontier

David Imrie's "To the Strongest" medieval game

A Very British Civil War featured lots of unusual units and players in period costume

Earleswood's Stalingrad game featured some brilliant modelling of ruined factories and the men who had to fight through that wasteland

From North Star there was a WWI scenario "The Defence of La Gorgue Airfield, April 1918"

Moving to the Participation games there was this James Bond themed "to Dice another Day"

My apologies to those games I didn't manage to photograph and for any incorrect attributions.  All being well the "Horse and Musket" games will appear in the next post.

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