Friday, 10 August 2018

Trip to Liverpool

No game this week due to family commitments for both Steve and myself.  On Wednesday my wife and I visited Liverpool to see the 'Terracotta Army' exhibition.  We had been to the previous exhibition at the British Library a decade ago and had been somewhat underwhelmed.  However, a former colleague had seen the exhibition at Liverpool and had told me how much they had enjoyed it, so we took a chance and booked the tickets.

I must say that this exhibition is far better presented than the previous ones and gives much more of the background to the rise of the Qin, the reign of the first emperor and the successor Han dynasty. 

Here are a selection of the photos I took.

A Horse keeper and horse that greet visitors to the exhibition

A War Bell which was mounted on a chariot and used to issue commands to troops
Armour made of stone.  Too heavy to wear, but found in a pit, possibly representing an armoury.  It is thought the armour was provided for the spirits.

One of the "warriors"

Selection of weapons
Han period terracotta warriors
Very much worthy of a visit, if you live close enough to Liverpool try and see the exhibition.

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  1. I have just picked up John Man's The Terracotta Army - China's First Emperor and the birth of a nation, published by Bantam Books. I also got a copy for a friend who was visiting the exhibition and they recommend both book and exhibition.