Saturday, 1 December 2018

Recon 2019

My usual meander through the Pennines and the Aire valley for the Recon show today.   There was a good range of traders attending though the number of games seemed to be down on last year.  Board games were well represented and looked to attract a steady stream of participants.  Steve and I were pleased with the way our game went; three battles, with one win each for the king and de Montfort.  The final game ran out of time with both sides looking decidedly punch drunk.

Here are a few photos

Prince Edward leads the royalist mounted troops out of Lewes

Gilbert de Clare leads his mounted sergeants against Robert de Bruce's levy foot

The king about to be captured by Simon de Montfort

Antony Bek captures the Montfortian baggage train
Here are a couple of other figure games

A WWII game based on the attack on St Lo

Nicely done scenery and good to see a WWII game which didn't have 'wall-to-wall' AFV's.  The other game looked to be a cold war clash in northern Germany, but on closer inspection was a sci-fi affair with what looked like hover tanks. 

The Wakefield club put on another well-organised show and are very welcoming to traders and gamers alike.  Thanks to Bob, Steve and Will for helping run the game; Dave and Lynne for logistic support (providing the teas ! ); but most of all to John, Andrew and Ben for joining in and trying out the rules.

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