Thursday, 23 May 2019

Partizan 2019

This Sunday, Steve and I visited the Partizan show.  As last year a very good range of games were on offer, with something for everyone.  What follows are mainly shots of games reflecting my personal periods of interest, my apologies to those clubs/individuals whose games are not included.

Beginning with the Medieval period, the Northampton Battlefield Trust had a demonstration game of the Battle of Edgecote, 1469, which featured an unusual circular battlefield.

Next to this game was the Lance & Longbow game of the Battle of Bauge presented by Simon Chick.

The Chesterfield Old Boys had "The mad war of 1489" which featured an eclectic mix of nations taking part in the battle of Concarneau.

Kallistra had the battle of Mohi 1241, a clash between Hungary and an invading Mongol army.

These small figures lend themselves to creating the scale and mass of large battles, in 25/28mm you would need something like a tennis court to present this battle.

Moving forward in time Grimsby Wargames Society demonstrated a GNW scenario with Swedes, Poles and Russians, (other nations' troops were drafted in to make up the numbers).  I was particularly drawn to the masses of well-painted Hinchliffe pancerni as I have a soft-spot for that manufacturer's ranges for this period.

Close by was another game from this period put on by the League of Augsburg, involving Ottomans and Russians.  This featured some home built mobile defences which were a regular feature of war in eastern Europe.

Moving forward in the 18th century Crann Tara had a game based on a British expedition to the West Indies during the Seven Years War.

North Hull Wargames Club had a demonstration game of the Battle of Brooklyn from the AWI using 20mm figures.

The Napoleonic period games on offer included two from outside the European theatre, The Boondock Sayntes with Assaye

and the Perry Twins with the Battle of Mandara from the Egyptian campaign.

Dales Wargames had a game based on Waterloo

The Old Guard had a hex based version of Vimeiro

Now I rarely game 20th century warfare, but the offering from the Earlswood Wargames Group, 'Angriff Auf die Abtei' really caught my eye.

The Old Pikeys Wargames Group had a WWII game based on Arnhem, 'Oosterbeek 1944, The Witches Cauldron'. 

All the games I have mentioned so far have been demonstration games, but 40% of the games on offer were participation games.  They come in all guises and give the gamer a chance to try out different rules, periods and styles.  Three particularly caught my eye, curiously all featuring far eastern countries.

Terry Broomhall's 'Test of Honour' Samurai game

Too Fat Lardies had a WWII game set in Malaya in 1941.

Finally there was Victorious Games '55 minutes in Peking'. 

Steve and I tried this game, each taking control of two groups of Boxers.  Whilst my groups suffered heavy casualties meaning that on the one occasion that they managed a breakthrough they failed morale and had to retreat; Steve enjoyed more success as can be seen.

Steve receiving his award as 'Best Boxer' for his exploits
Partizan is a very good show, well organised by the Newark and club and in an excellent venue.  It is well worth a visit and the next opportunity is on August 18th for 'The Other Partizan'


  1. very nicely photographed - thanks.

  2. Lovely array of photos. Those Poles looked sensational and I am quite envious!

  3. Some superb looking games. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  4. Looks a great day out, must try and organise another visit myself

  5. Thanks very much for the positive comments.