Photos supplied by John

 Dessaix advances supported by Grouchy
 Davout reforms around the fleches before attacking Bagration again
Dokhturov's Corps in reserve behind Gorki

 Osterman-Tolstoy awaiting Ney's attack whilst Bagration and Davout slug it out near the fleches

 Tuchkov's surprise flank attack as Poniatowski advance

More photos

The troops of Barclay de Tolly and Raevsky support the redoubt

Konovnitsyn and Strogonov deployed by Utitsa

 Vorontsov's division defend the fleches

 Davout's attack

Broussier's division attacks Barclay

Defrance's heavy cavalry move north towards the redoubt

 Osterman-Tolstoy's men wait for Ney

Compans division thrown back by Vasilchikov

 Dokhturov's corps moves forward

 Ney clashes with Osterman-Tolstoy

 Grouchy's charge on Dokhturov

Defrance attacking Russian batteries

Legrand's division driven off by Mecklenburg

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