Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Phalanx 2012

The first part of a busy wargames weekend was a visit to the Phalanx show put on by the Saint Helens Spartans, a good mix of traders and games and usually you can find a bargain on the bring and buy.  This year I was helping out on the Lance & Longbow Society stand with their Ravenna game.
The French attack on the Spanish camp is a bit of a slogging match, especially between the rival groups of gendarmes.  The melee swung back and forth, eventually being decided in the French favour.  My fellow French commander was also able to overpower the Spanish guns and then cross the earth bank with his pikemen. This decided the battle in our favour.

My part had been to try and gain entry to the camp via the other entrance.  The light cavalry had battled hard, but made little progress, mainly because they had beem impetuous enough to mask their own guns.
A close, hard fought game using home grown rules which had been developed for use in participation games and therefore easy to use.

One game which particularly caught my eye was a Seven Years War action involving an Austro-Russian attack on a Prussian convoy.  The game was put on by Corbridge Old Contemptibles using the Rank and File rule set.

There was also a game representing the battle of Wartenburg 1813 put on by Loughborough Wargames.  This battle has interested me for some time, sparked by a magazine article by Peter Hofschroer.  The main problem is getting the terrain, which is very constricting, right; in particular the dykes and marshy woodland.  The Prussians have masses of troops, but can they get them in place to attack?  General de Brigade rules were used, making for large units.

Expenditure was pretty low this year, some river sections from S & A Scenics and some paint from Fighting 15's, I thought I'd try the Coat D'Arms Horse Tone paints which I haven't seen before. 

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