Thursday, 8 June 2017

Cheriton trial

My apologies for another long break between posts.  Other commitments have again taken centre stage, I swear I had more free time when I was working!  Anyway, with less than two weeks to go before the Gentlemen Pensioners' weekend, (17th/18th June), Steve and I at last managed to get together to run through part of the Cheriton scenario for Sunday's game, so we could look at a few areas where the rules needed clarification.  Of particular interest was the fighting in Cheriton Woods.  The Pike and Shotte rules bar formed units from moving through woods, but the accounts of the battle seem to argue otherwise.  We therefore tried out formed musket units and even a mixed pike and musket formation.  What we decided on was that any formed unit would have to test for disorder if it moved within the wood.  (Pike armed troops would have a higher risk of disorder).  Musketry ranges were shortened as was the 'initiative distance'.

We also looked at fighting in and around buildings, which doesn't tend to feature much in our battles. Under the rules, even small units of musketeers can be difficult to dislodge, though if enough musketry is directed at the defenders they can be forced to take break tests and it is possible that they may then rout ( as below)

Here are a few photographs of the action.

Gerard's attack the Artillery Firelocks at the hedge around the village

Broughton's attack the other unit defending the hedges

The firelocks, having been disordered and then suffered heavy casualties, rout  

Shuttleworth's attack Broughton's, but are driven off

The cavalry clash in the centre
On the 17th June the Gentlemen Pensioners will be going to the Phalanx Show at St Helens.  This year the game on the Lance & Longbow stand will be provided by Alde Garde club (link), and it will feature " The attack on Venlo 1372".  Peter and Jan always produce games of a high quality, and are happy to spend time chatting to fellow gamers, so if you are vising the show be sure to drop by for a chat.


  1. Love old minifigs especially the firelocks!

  2. Yes I have a soft spot for the minifigs. You can't mix them with the newer '25mm' but they have a certain 'old school' charm.