Thursday, 22 March 2018


Family commitments recently required a trip to Norfolk.  Along the way we called in at Lincoln, taking the opportunity to visit 'The Collection' the local museum.  The museum charts life in the Lincoln area through time from prehistory to modern times.  A few items in particular caught my eye.

Now the Ancient period is not really an interest of mine, but seeing the shield took me back to the days of Airfix Romans and Ancient Britons (at that time I had at least one box of nearly all their sets).

Close by was this diorama of a Roman legion leaving Lincoln.

The top photo gives an idea of the scale, 1:1, in the distance are the walls of the town. 

If you have an hour spare when visiting Lincoln, the museum is well worth a visit.  It is relatively small, but free, though donations welcome. (but not compulsory).

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  1. Imagine getting the painting commission for that!