Tuesday, 20 March 2018

WMMS 2018

Although the weather did it's worst the show went ahead.  Some of the traders didn't make it, but  a good selection did and there were several interesting games to look at.  With my principal interest being in the Horse and Musket era those games dominate the following photographs.

The Phoenix Society did this 25mm Napoleonic game, with some very nicely painted figures

A very eye-catching game was a Russo-Japanese Naval game, which I think appeared at Derby last year.

The Cheshire and Staffordshire club put on Guildford Courthouse.

Wyre Forest Gamers did well to put a game on at all.  Their terrain was snowed in, as were a good percentage of the figures, nevertheless they managed to stage a Jacobite Wars scenario.

The Oudenarde game was in 10mm (I think), but looking at the painting alone it would be difficult to tell.

There was also a GNW game using Prince August figures (a particular favourite of mine)

Also in small scale was this Varna game from Kallistra

Finally from this period was a Peninsular game

There were modern games, I particularly liked this Far Eastern scenario with a Japanese landing in China.  It was nice to see the beach uncluttered with armoured vehicles as so often happens in D Day games.

I do hope that the poor turnout due to the weather doesn't prevent the organisers from putting on a show in 2019.  Alumwell has had (at least for the last three years when I attended), a good range of games and traders and is a friendly local show.


  1. Nice selection of pictures David.

  2. Splendid, thanks for putting this together.

  3. I was sad to miss out at the weekend David. Looked out of the window at a blizzard on Sunday at 6am and thought "no chance!" Thx for posting these pictures of the games I missed out on!!

  4. A great report and nice to chat to you at the show.

    Nick fro Wyre Forest