Monday, 20 June 2022

Phalanx at St Helens

We had a great day out at the Phalanx show on Saturday.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Steve, Bob and I (aided and abetted by several members of the Gentlemen Pensioners), were putting on a 'Renaissance Rampant' game on behalf of the Lance & Longbow Society.  There were several positive comments from passing members of the public and we even persuaded someone to join us to roll some dice.  Here are a few photos of the game.

The Imperial troops form up before leaving their camp

The Janissaries and Sipahi of the Porte begin their advance


The Azab infantry drive off the Hungarian cavalry

Battle is joined between the trench lines

The Gendarmes attack the janissary archers

Not far from us the Mailed Fist group had a Thirty Years War game

 Liverpool Wargames Association had an ECW game


Nearby the All Independent 54mm Wargames Club also had an ECW game 

Something a little different from Tiger Miniatures, who showcased their Dragon and Peacock Wars range with a Sino - Burmese Wars game set in the mid 18th century.

 The Ribble Warriors had a 'Blood and Plunder' naval game with pirates

The Furness Warlords also had a naval game, this one set on the Great Lakes.

The Spartans did a great job organising the show and their efforts were rewarded with a good turn out from clubs, traders and the public.

Many thanks to them and also Andy, Bob, David, John, Peter, Steve and Will for helping with the game.  Also Dave and Lynne for providing much needed tea and coffee.

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