Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Partizan 2021

After a break of 18 months, Steve and I managed to  attend a wargames show over the weekend and we had a good day out.  Our original plan was to go to Border Reiver in September, but unfortunately that was cancelled.  There was no shortage of quality games on display as both demonstration and participation.  I must admit at this point that in retrospect I did neglect the participation games and so the photos on offer concentrate on the demonstration offerings.  However, this does not suggest that the participation games lacked anything in the quality of their presentation or interest. Along with the games and the inspiration they provide there is the chance to catch up with friends in the hobby.  After 18 months of having to do with email or zoom/skype, it was good to be able to chat face to face (at a covid secure distance of course).

To start, a medieval game presented by the Barons War Facebook Group

Interesting as there seemed to be a game in progress either side of the fortifications.

Derby Wargames Society were in the desert in WWII

The Boondock Sayntes had an Indian Colonial battles, Dieg 1804

The Newark Irregulars presented 'Fort Isolation', a Muskets and Tomahawks scenario

 Durham Wargames Group had a scenario based on a Viking raid on Lindisfarne

Shrewsbury Wargames Club presented an excellent  SYW battle

Also set in the SYW was 'Descent on the French Coast" by Friends of a Military Gentleman, this time in 40mm, with some stunning ships.

Mr James Morris and friends had a 28mm medieval game set in Spain, depicting the Battle of Bairen 1097.

The Hull and East Riding Wargames Club presented the battle of Zama 202 BC, with loads of elephants.

Back to the medieval period for 'The Bodkins' Crecy, with some stunning painting on display

The Barnsley Association of Wargamers had an American Plains Wars game, 'Continually Wear the Blue'

The Old Guard Group had a 28mm Napoleonic game of the Battle of Utitza using the Command and Colours rules.


  1. Some great looking games. Wish I could have gone.

  2. Thanks for the pictures David, nice to see what I missed

  3. Wonderful to see show pictures after such a long break.

  4. Thank you for sharing you grand day out, very much apricated. Loads of wargaming eye candy.


  5. Thank you to everyone for your comments. It was really good to get to a show again, to meet up with friends and be inspired by the games on offer. Let's hope that this can continue.